Hi my name is Tamal and I am an internet marketer. With the power of internet I was able to establish myself as an expert in my field. Celebrity SEO is my business site to help get you and your music found.

If you want to secure more work and are pursuing for the best opportunities in your singing career, then you need a lot of connections. All the big stars in your industry are the hubs. They are connected with lots of other people. But the little guy in the music industry has only 2-3 good connections. Or in some case not at all.

Using the internet you will not just be able to leverage your existing connections but can also reach the major hubs in your field. And the more you reach the better opportunity you get.

I am talking about building systems with websites, videos, social media, fan sites that will work 24/7 for you. And the interesting part about this, it will never stop engaging with your audience.

You must have a website and a twitter account, maybe your producer have set it up for you, but what’s it worth if it’s not doing much for you? I will help you understand how each tool works and how you can benefit from it. I am not the average web designer who will create a fully loaded flash website for you. I only create websites that present you as you and better rank for your name & work.

Each and every client is different and for each of them I create a completely different publicity plan. Publicity for a pop singer is different than doing publicity for a rock band. I am not your traditional music publicist, I work with the new media internet. I talk about connections, reputation and audience engagement. This is why you can expect a slightly different approach on how I do each and every thing.

Get known for your songs, let the world know who you really are, get more business connections and secure better career opportunities. Most of all, earn more money and recognition. Send me a line and let’s talk further.

Until now these things were done by traditional publicists, PR agencies and managers but things have changed in the last 10 years. The problem is that traditional media agencies handle internet the same way they do with mass media. It’s like fishing with bullets. But internet has its own rules. Here your audiences are the main content creators, reporters and promoters.

Do you know that now day’s people use the internet to find talent? Music producers do a search and make a list of talent depending on their online presence and then they call for an audition. Word of mouth and viral marketing helps spread the word and determines album success or failure.

Many people would know your song but not your name. They will try to search you on the internet. Is your website optimized to capture that person? Majority of musicians have no web presence, this is why they are losings tons of opportunities every month.

If you don’t know how internet and online marketing works then you will end up spending lots of money, time and effort doing the wrong things and pursuing the wrong audience. Your PR agency will say “Hey we got you 100,000 new followers” but technically that’s not the thing you were looking for. You want networks that bring you more results.

You are a musician/artist/band and you need a rockstar music publicist who knows both traditional and internet marketing. AllowCelebrity SEO to help you up. I help or do the music promotion for rising musicians, bands & artists. Feel free to get in touch with me (Tamal)

Internet Marketing Training & Coaching for Music Professionals

Learn the ropes of social media, internet, SEO and reputation management. It’s easy and fun when you know how it works. A huge benefit of doing your own promotion is that you can depend on your strategy & can save some good money by doing it yourself. Learn by yourself in the resources section or request a coaching session from me.

Website & Social Media Setup Service for Musicians

Website and social media is a must in the age of internet. All of your connections and fans are using the internet. You no longer can manage them all using just a myspace page, you need to expand! I help setting up personal or branded websites, twitter, facebook page, youtube, emal marketing & other social media profiles. Send me your requirements and I will be happy to send you a setup+design proposal.

Online Music Marketing & Music Promotion for Artists

Internet plays a major role for making your song go viral. Now days people tune into new songs through social media, iTunes, youtube and other online destinations. TV & Radio publicity is expensive; this is why you can get the word out about your music using the internet very easily. I will help your album and song hit the internet using advanced viral marketing methods. Learn more about Music Promotion.

News Press Release & Traditional Marketing for Music Professionals

Online press release can help spread the word about you like wildfire. Online press campaigns can easily get you featured in mainstream media, newspaper and magazines. I will help you with my marketing mind to bring out a hot story that promotes you. My press release writer can write up a catchy article about you which can easily bring in more attention.